Hello! My name's Alex and I design and create things. I draw, do programming, make music, and film and edit videos. I develop games with my brothers at our company Light Wolf Studios. I like to imagine new worlds and think about how to make the future better.


Finn's Fantastic Food Machine

HTML5 - Collab

Catch plates as they fall from the food machine, and make quick work of serving them to the correct customers.

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Everybody Edits

Flash - Ongoing, Collaborative

In this live, multiplayer sandbox platformer game, you can build levels for your friends, or with them! I joined the dev team in 2018 to help with graphics, and I left in 2020.

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HTML5 - Experimental, Unfinished, Collab

Build worlds and mechanisms with other players in this multiplayer sandbox platformer game. (Development on this game has been canceled due to work on Everybody Edits)

Jam Games

Chicken & Ducklings

HTML5 - LDJAM 47 (October 2020)

Why did the chicken cross the road? To rescue the ducklings, of course! Made in 72 hours for the theme "Stuck in a Loop".

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9 Gems

HTML5 - LDJAM 45 (October 2019)

Explore a small cove littered with golden gems. You have none at first, but you must find them ALL! Made in 72 hours for the theme "Start with nothing".

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Your Life

HTML5 - LDJAM 44 (April 2019)

Spend your time, literally. A very basic, mostly text-based "game". Made in 72 hours for the theme "Your Life is Currency".

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Back to Earth

HTML5 - LDJAM 42 (August 2018)

After news of your involvement with the resistance, you are wanted. Run across rooftops to escape the space station and get back to Earth. Made in 72 hours for the theme "Running out of Space".

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HTML5 - LDJAM 39 (July 2017) - Collab

Carefully navigate each level and try to get to the finish without running out of power. Made in 72 hours for the theme "Running out of Power".

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Island Sandbox

Flash - LDJAM 38 (April 2017)

Spawn on a randomly generated island and then change it! I was originally going to make it a survival game with basic crafting, but I ran out of time. Made in 72 hours for the theme "A Small World".

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The Treasure Tomb

Flash - LDJAM 36 (August 2016) - Collab

A point-and-click adventure game in which you get trapped in an Egyptian tomb, and must find your way out. Made in 72 hours for the theme "Ancient Technology".

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Flash - LDJAM 34 (December 2015)

Collect balls of your color to grow while avoiding balls of other colors. Made in 72 hours for the themes "Two Button Controls" and "Growing".

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Planet of the Snowmen

Flash - LDJAM 31 (December 2014) - Collab

You've arrived on an alien planet with one mission: kill all the snowmen! Includes destructible platforms and particle explosions. Made in 72 hours for the theme "Entire Game on One Screen".

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Magma Shuttle

Flash - LDJAM 29 (April 2014)

Fly through the magma under the Earth's crust, avoiding giant rocks and trying to last as long as you can. Made in 72 hours for the theme "Beneath The Surface".

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JSIM: Spaceship Simulator

April 2017

Joshua and I made for our younger brother Jason a spaceship simulation for his 15th birthday.

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Joshua's Christmas Mod

Late 2016 - Collab

A mod that adds many Christmas-themed features to Minecraft. I helped make the trailer and some of graphics.

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Coin Data

December 2012

I built a small web app to show properties of solid-material cylinders.

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